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FAQ – frequently asked Questions

General Questions

Which brands can I get from you?

We only stock genuine Jaguar / Land Rover spare parts and accessories.

For which Jaguar models?

All models from the 1960 model onwards: for example E-Type, MKII, XK120, XK140, XK150, XJ, XJS, XJ40, X300 XJ6 a. XJ12, X308 XJ8 a. XJR, XK8, X-Type, S-Type, XK, XF, XF Sportbrake, F-Type, XE, F-Pace, E-Pace, I-Pace

For which Land Rover models?

All models from the 1980´s onwards: for example Defender 90, 110 u. 140, Pick Up, Discovery 1, Freelander, Discovery 2, Discovery 3, Freelander 2, Discovery 4, Discovery 5, Discovery Sport

For which Range Rover models?

All models: Range Rover Classic, Range Rover LP, Range Rover LM, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover L405, Range Rover L494, Range Rover Velar

What parts can I get from you?

As a general rule you can get all genuine spare parts and original accessories for the models mentioned above.

Are the products new?

In our online shop you will only be sold new items.

We also carry some secondhand parts, which are available on request.

Are the products original?

With us, you always get only genuine Jaguar / Land Rover products. In some exceptional cases, accessories or reproductions in OE quality as well.

How are the goods sent?

Deliveries are made by our shipping partners UPS and IDS.

Are the goods insured while they’re in transport?

All shipments are dispatched with adequate insurance.

Where do you ship to?

Shipping is possible worldwide.

How long does shipping take?

Within the Germany, delivery usually takes place within 1–2 working days.

Within the EU, delivery usually takes place within 2–4 working days.

(assuming product availability)

In page references, how do I differentiate left and right?

Directions and page references are always in the direction of drive.

Do you ship nett to traders in other EU countries?

If a VAT Reg. No. is provided, we will send nett to traders within the EU.

Do you ship nett outside of the EU?

If a delivery is made outside of the EU (export), a net invoice is created and no German VAT is raised.

If the value of the goods exceeds 1,000 euros nett, accompanying documents for customs clearance will also be issued.

What payment options do you offer?

In our online shop you can choose from the following methods of payment:

Prepayment, cash on delivery (Germany only) and PayPal (additionally via PayPal: direct debit, purchase on account and credit card)

For orders outside the shop we offer PayPal, prepayment or cash on delivery.

What spare parts can you get from us?

Do I get body parts as well?

  • We can supply you with all body parts such as Wing, Door, Bonnet, Hood, Trunk lid, Boot lid, Sill cover, Front bumper, Rear bumper, Front mask, Body panels, Body parts, Stiffener, Repair panels, Braket, Support, Bumper beam, End plate, Roof, Fender, Wheelarch, Brace, Reinforcement, etc.

Do I get engines and engine spares?

We can supply you with complete engines and engine parts such as Piston, connecting rod, bearing, main bearings, piston rings, crankshaft, crankshaft damper, Cylinder head, Timing chains, Timing belt, Chain tensioner, VVT, Valves, Camshaft, Oil sump, Oil filter, Drive belt, Drive belt tensioner, Idler pulley, Oil cooler, Engine, Oil pump, Camshaft cover, Inlet manifold, Induction manifold, Camshaft cover seal, Seal kit, Cylinderhead gasket, Breather system, Crankcase breather hose, Timing cover, Valve rocker arm, etc.

Do I get parts of climatic and heating system?

We can supply you with all parts for climatic and heating system such as Water valve, Stepper motor, Regulator, Evaporator, Blower, Blower Motor, Actuator, Heater core, Compressor, AC pipe, AC hose, Module, Sensor, Temperturesensor, expansion valve, Condenser, Dryer bottle, Air particulate filter, Dust filter, Hose, Pipe, etc.

Do I get parts for cooling system?

We can supply with all parts for cooling system such as Radiator, Fan, Water pump, Expansion tank, radiator hose, auxiliary radiator, Hoses, Pipes, Intercooler, Cooler, Thermostat, Thermostat housing, Fan and cowl, Electric fan, Fan drive unit, Coolant pump, Water inlet, Water outlet, etc.

Do I get rims, wheels complete set?

We can supply with all genuine Jaguar / Land Rover wheels and rims such as Winter complete sets, Summer complete sets, Winterwheels, TPMS valves, Tyres, Tires, Rims, Alloys, Wheel badges, Wheel nuts, Locking nuts, Valve caps, Center caps, Spare wheels, etc.

Do I get parts for exhaust system?

We can supply with all exhaust components such as Catalytic converter, Exhaust pipe, Temperatur sensor, oxygen sensor, DPF, Particulate filter, DPF Sensor, Clamps, Exhaust silencer, Gasket, Tailpipe, Tailpipe finisher, intermediate silencer, Mounting braket, EGR valve, Downpipe, Turbo, Turbocharger, exhaust manifold, etc.

Do I get parts for lighting system?

We can supply with all lighting componentes such as Headlamp, Headlight, fog lamp, indicator, reflector, tail light, tail lamp, stop light, number plate lamp, Number plate lens, Xenon, LED, Halogen, Lamp lens, rear fog lamp, Xenon burner, bulb, Headlamp leveling actuator, side lamp, lamp cluster, interior lamp, undipped headlamp, Headlamp lens, etc.

Do I get brake components

We can supply with all brake components such as brake discs, brake pads, brake pipes, brake hose, flexible hose, brake caliper, handbrake, handbrake cable, brake master cylinder, brake booster, wheel speed sensor, anti lock breaking, modulator, control unit, wear sensor, brake pedal switch, brake pedal, handbrake lever, etc.

Do I get electrical components?

We can supply with all electrical components such as wire, wireing, cable, wireing loom, sensor, switch, switch pack, module, relay, fuse box, navigation, radio, CD charger, CD player, speaker, screen, touchscreen, aerial, cigar lighter, fuse, cancellation module, alternator, starter motor, instrument pack, pdc sensor, parking aid, camera, radar, acc, seat switch, door switch, rain sensor, wiper motor, horn, knock sensor, oil pressure sensor, temperatur sensor, ingnition, coil, spark plug, distributor cap, hih tension lead kit, amplifier, etc.

Do I get suspension parts?

We can supply with all suspension components such as wishbone, stabilising link, anti roll bar link, anti roll bar, bush, bushes, wheel bearing, hub and bearing, radius arm, hub carrier, track rod end, balljoint, shock absorber, road spring, air suspension, damper mounting, damper gaiter, subframe, crossbeam, vertical link, wishbone arm, etc.

Do I get steering components?

We can supply with all steering components such as Steering rack, steering pipe, steering hose, power steering pump, steering oil cooler, steering column, steering wheel, oil reservoir, power steering fluid, etc.

Do I get interior parts?

We can supply with all interior parts such as seat cover, amr rest, floor mats, carpet, interior mirror, rear view mirror, cover, clips, interior lighting, vaneer, facia, carbon vaneer, wood vaneer, trunk, headlining, treadplate, badge, ash tray, center console, door casing, glove box, jalousie, sunblind, louvre, cup holder, steering wheel, sunvisor, air vent, package tray, trim, loadspace cover, etc.

Do I get parts for occupant restraints?

We can supply with all safety components such as airbag, driver airbag, passenger airbag, crashsensor, sensor, seat belt, buckle, airbag module, seat airbag, curtain airbag, etc.

Do I get parts for air intake?

We can supply with all air intake components such as air filter, air filter box, throttle body, air flowmeter, air duct, inlet manifold, supercharger, turbo charger, seal, gasket, etc.

Do I get parts for fuel system?

We can supply with all fuel system components such as Injector, fuel pump, petrol pump, diesel pump, fuel pipes, fuel tank, fuel filter, fuel filler cap, accelerator pedal, throttle pedal, etc.

Do I get gearbox parts?

We can supply with gearboxes or parts for gearboxes such as torque converter, clutch, slave cylinder, mechatronic unit, valve control box, drive plate, transfer box, differential, oil filter, oil sump, oil cooler, oil pipes, transmission, gearbox, automatic transmission, sensor, propshaft, half shaft, gear control cable, etc.

Do I get exterior parts?

We can supply with all exterior parts such as door mirror, air intake, diffusor, spoiler, mehs grill, grill, sill cover, wheel arch liner, wheel arch, wash jet, moulding, chrome moulding, door seal, seal, gas strud, bonnet strud, hood strud, screen, wind screen, rear screen, door screen, door hinge, bonnet hinge, door mirror glas, door mirror cover, emblem, badge, undertray, engine undertray, radiator grille, wash jet cover, bonnet isolation, hood isolation, windscreen wiper, sunroof, convertible hood, hood hydraulic, hood lift cylinder, etc.

Do I get parts for locking system?

We can supply with all locking components such as door latch, door handle, bonnet latch, hood latch, bonnet release cable, door release cable, tailgate latch, trunklid latch, key fob, key, lock barrel, solenoid, security system, horn, etc.

Do I get accessoires?

  • We can supply with a lot of accessiores for Jaguar and Land Rover such as Key ring, ball pen, ball point, umbrella, mug, glas, USB-Stick, base cap, hat, scarf, cufflinks, money clip, phone case, parking disc, lighter, lanyard, model, luggage label, pin, paperclip, note book, mousepad, bag, towel, ride on car, stuffed animal, gifts, etc.

Do I get car styling parts?

We can supply with all genuine styling parts such as Spoiler, body kit, car cover, dog guard, cargo barrier, loadspace liner, utility mats, rubber mats, floor mats, touch up paint, pedals, Carbon, wind deflector, chrome, roof crossbar, stowage box, tow bar, cargo net, lifting jack, side steps, bumper bar, nudge bar, illuminated treadplate, mud flap, splashguard, handbook, service portfolio, firts aid kit, etc.